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Plan of supporting refugees and starving children

AGATHAGARCIA is not a professional charity but a store. On the occasion of the entrepreneurial stage, Agathagarcia staff hopes to spread fashion but also help others around the world live in a better place. “The rose's in her hand, the flavor in mine”, we hope not only to share a beautiful story, but also to spread the legend of love in the process of growing Agathagarcia .

Agathagarcia Donation will focus on two aspects of public welfare assistance, refugees and children in difficulty. We will make use of all accumulated funds to donate to the persons in need of help; it is mainly used to solve the difficult lives of the refugees and children in the problems of hunger and no education.

Agathagarcia Donation will accumulate funds by two ways:

1. AGATHAGARCIA will draw off 1% from each paid order into fund pool, while you need not execute any extra payment;

2. You can pay extra 0.5(it may be $0.5,€0.5 or £0.5 according to the currency of your payment) when you checkout from AGATHAGARCIA order, this additional payment will also be put into fund pool.

Agathagarcia Donation will find out professional charities via the web to carry out this plan and welcomes related organizations to contact us.

Agathagarcia Donation is looking forward to you joining and contributing!

Agathagarcia likes to share the beauty of fashion with you, and is more willing to work with you to pass the love of charity. Along with your beauty, Agathagarcia Donation will warm the hearts of all the children who accept the donation!

Your slight effort maybe is the great support for those persons in difficulties!

love and beauty coexist harmoniously!




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